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Content plays a vital role in the health and wellness space. It builds relationships with your ideal clients, so they can trust you to support their well-being.

When you’re busy running a business, it’s easy to leave content on the back burner. 

But overlooked touch points can turn potential clients away. You may miss opportunities to connect with people who can benefit from your services, right when they need you most.

Our mission is to show people what life is like on the other side of healing, and every connection counts.

That’s why we’re offering a free assessment with actionable insights for improving your web copy – so you can help more of your ideal clients.

What's Included in Your Audit Report?

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checkmark Branding Assessment

  • Do you have a brand voice and clear brand story? 
  • Are you highlighting your unique selling points?

checkmark Language Assessment

  • Is your copy reader-centric?
  • Are you engaging readers and steering them toward a desired outcome?

checkmark Inbound Assessment

  • How is your blogging quality and cadence?
  • Does your content meet Google’s Page Quality criteria? 

Is This Assessment a Good Fit for You?

This assessment is best for health and wellness brands who:

  1. Want to attract more qualified visitors to their site
  2. Want to turn more site visitors into clients
  3. Value high-quality content that’s helpful to their audience